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Ready to Start Your Photography Business the Right Way? Here are 5 tips.

Photography is your passion and you would love to turn it into profit so you can spend your time doing what you love. But starting a photography business isn’t easy. 

Maybe you’ve tried and are struggling. Maybe you’re so overwhelmed you haven’t even started yet. 

Maybe it’s time for a new game plan. Read on to learn how to get into commercial photography and start your brand photography business the right way. 

#1. How to Go Full-Time as a Brand Photographer

Photo Courtesy of Social Squares

A lot of new photographers start out in the portrait photography space. They take family photos for their friends and build out from there. Or they target the highly profitable wedding crowd. 

The trouble is that most of those clients are one-time clients. If you do get repeat family photo clients, it’s only once or twice a year at most. 

That’s what I love about commercial photography. Businesses need a steady stream of images for branding and marketing and thus have a constant need for a business photographer. 

Are you looking to transition into brand photography? Or perhaps you want to know how to start a brand photography business from scratch? Whichever situation is yours, you’re in the right place. This is what we do here at Focus Creative.  

Read on for some important business tips to help you start your commercial photography business the right way.

#2. How to Find the Best Name for Your Photography Business?

Let’s start with a basic but vital piece of the puzzle. What are you going to name your business?

A lot of people choose their own name for their photography business (e.g. Sarah Jones Photography). However, this doesn’t describe anything about your business (other than photography). 

Plus, we’re creatives. It seems like we can be a bit more creative with the first thing most of our customers will hear about us. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Stick with words that are easy to spell and remember
  • Pay attention to how it looks and sounds and if it could be misconstrued easily (Shutter Up Photography)
  • Pick something that is attractive to your target audience
  • Choose something timeless and avoid short-term trends
  • Be specific, but not so specific that you put yourself in a box (e.g. Fabulous Food Photos makes it hard to move beyond food photography)

If you’re stuck, try an online business name generator. Type in a couple of keywords and the generator will spit out dozens of ideas. 

#3. Tips for Creating a Logo

Once you choose a name, you need to create a logo. If you’re going to market yourself as a brand photographer, your own branding has to be on point!

Logo creation is tricky. It should include the name of your business and perhaps a tagline that describes it. Eye-catching graphics, colors, and even font choices should work together to paint an accurate picture of your business when seen at a glance.

It’s a lot to think about so if you’re feeling out of your element, hire a logo designer. This is a vital piece of your business that is worth the investment. 

#4. Ways to Promote Your Photography Business Online

Everybody who is anybody exists online these days. Again, if you want to market yourself as a competent brand photographer, you need to show your competence in your branding. Your professional online presence is a huge part of that

Many people will find you online first, so making a good impression is critical. There are a few things to consider about your online presence. Let’s break it down.

Where are you showcasing your work or adding value to your clients?

Choose carefully where you showcase your work online. The most important step is to choose locations where your ideal clients are hanging out. If most of your people are on Instagram, you need to be on Instagram. If TikTok or Facebook is more popular in your niche, that’s where you need to be. 

Don’t forget to always add value for your clients. Samples of your work are fabulous because potential clients need to know what you can do. However, that’s what your portfolio is for. 

To reach out and grab their attention on social media, you need to give them value upfront. Or show them how your work adds value to their business. 

What every brand photographer needs on their website

A website is a vital component of any modern business. Whether you are primarily a headshot photographer or fashion photographer, you need a good website with 3 things prominently displayed. 

How do you help your customers’ businesses?

Do you do headshot photography and lifestyle branding images of people? Is product photography your jam? Whatever value you’re offering needs to be obvious.


A detailed portfolio should be displayed on your website. This is where interested clients can go to get a solid feel for your work and determine if your style is a good fit for their business.

Easy Way to Contact

You never want to lose clients just because they can’t contact you. Have contact information prominently displayed everywhere on your website — not just a contact page. It might feel like overkill, but trust me when I say it’s not.

Connect with your audience through social media

Social media is a fabulous way to find clients. It is free advertising if you stick to organic reach through hashtags and post useful content regularly. 

You can also use paid ads to get your work in front of fresh eyes. Target them to specific demographics of people who would be most likely interested in your business.

#5. Other Ways to Market Your Photography Business

While most people focus on online marketing, there are still plenty of “old-fashioned” ways to market your business. And let me tell you a little secret — they still work.

Business Cards

Always have business cards on you. A simple card with your carefully planned logo and contact information is perfect. Give a business card to everyone interested in your work. Now, they have an easy way to contact you which exponentially increases the chances that they will.

Printed Advertising Materials

Printed advertising is not dead even though digital gets a lot of attention. Brochures with information about your business (and a few sample images) are great for handing out to give people a physical reminder about your business. 

Postcards are fun and it doesn’t hurt to send little notes to past clients or local business owners as a way of reaching out. Plus, a printed portfolio is a huge asset when meetings with new clients. People still love holding a tangible object in their hands to admire its beauty.

Good old-fashioned networking

Since your target audience is business owners, your local business owners’ community is a perfect place to start!

If you don’t know where to start, talk to your local Chamber of Commerce. They will have information on upcoming networking or trade events you can attend. 

Have your business cards ready but don’t be obnoxious about offering your services. The point of networking events is to let people get to know you, not make sales. 

Reach out to old colleges and business relationships

Another great client source is the people that you already know. Many of your acquaintances from college or old coworkers may have started businesses. Reach out and let them know of your new business venture. 

Tired of Trying to Figure it All Out on Your Own?

Becoming a brand photographer is possible on your own — but it is a lot of work. What if there were an easier way?

That’s what we’re all about here at Focus Creative! You can become a Focus Creative licensed photographer with exclusive rights to your area. With licensure, you’ll receive everything you need for starting a brand photography business as well as access to helpful resources like 1 on 1 coaching. 

Let us help you get on your feet and start profiting from your passion while working the hours YOU want to work!

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