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Close those seventeen open youtube videos. You've found your go to brand photography business resource. 

Business Solutions for Brand Photographers

There is a better way.

Are you tired of working on nights and weekends?

Do you get frustrated when you’re not making enough money even though you’re working non-stop?

Are you tired of mini-sessions?

Are you struggling to hit 6-figures?

I started focus creative to provide commercial and brand photography services to businesses. now, i share my business model to help other photographers grow and thrive.

I Want to Help You Focus:

(pun intended)

your time

your branding

your business resources (i.e., all the processes, contracts, and things that make a business successful)

so you will have a successful photography business and do the things you love.

the heart behind

it started with a story.

Hammering the nails into my father’s pharmacy back in 1984 was my first taste of what it’s like to be a business owner. Watching him grow his business from scratch taught me all about hard work and how important it is to focus your efforts during business hours so you can be your most productive, serve your customers well, and still have time to focus on what matters most in life to us - family. 

Your focus might be different, but one thing is for sure, your business should not take up all of your time and more importantly, you shouldn't have to do it alone. 

I created Focus Creative to be different. Our mission is to help you work the hours you want to work and get paid what you want to get paid so you can make a difference in the world and have time to focus on the things that matter most to you in life. We only get one life here on earth, and my mission is to help you skip past the learning curve of starting your photography business so you can focus on creating gorgeous photos for your clients instead of spending hours upon hours researching how to do all the things.  The Brand Photographer's Blueprint course is the perfect place to start!


meet our founder & Your educator

About Kassady

In 2012, I was a young mom, working all the time in a great corporate job, but I knew there was more for me. 

I couldn’t stop thinking about taking photos and dove head first into learning everything I could about photography. 

Fast forward 6 years, and I’ve created a successful 6-figure commercial photography business and want to share everything I’ve learned along the way with you!

Now, I’m excited to help you along your journey to become a professional brand photographer and take all the guesswork out of it for you! 

I knew there was more, so I picked up a camera, left my corporate job, started a brand photography business, hit 6-figures within a few months, and now, I educate photographers how to do the same.

Hi, I’m Kassady, the person behind the lens and the business at Focus Creative - former derivative accountant turned professional photographer and I LOVE helping small businesses - including yours. 

Spend time doing what you love — and I’m here to help you with the business and branding part along the way.


years in business

6 figure business

since three months in



Whether you're just starting your photography career, tired of working nights and weekends doing weddings and family photoshoots and thinking about transitioning into brand or commercial photography, or been in the brand/commercial world for a while and want to learn how to scale your business, we have something for you!

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