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10 Location Ideas for Your Next Personal Brand Photoshoot

How do you make your personal branding photoshoots amazing?

The right location can make or break your personal branding photoshoots. Though the background is obviously not the focus of the photo, it is what helps tie it all together. It subconsciously gives the viewers hints about what they are seeing and what your brand represents.

Here are my favorite locations to shoot as a brand photographer:

The locations that will work best for your shoot will depend on the vibe you want to create for the brand. Feel free to be creative, but these ideas are a great starting point!

1. Office

The office is an excellent place to showcase an entrepreneur. This is where they are in their element, the place where they get things done (hopefully).

Whether this office is in a high-rise downtown or two doors down from the bedroom, doesn’t matter. As long as it is nicely decorated and represents the brand you want to portray, it’s a great place to shoot.

Image of Sherry Pierce, owner of Studio 08 - an event planning company in Mobile, Alabama. Copyright Kassady Gibson, Focus Creative Fairhope
Image of Sherry Pierce, owner of Studio 08 – an event planning company in Mobile, Alabama. Copyright Kassady Gibson, Focus Creative Fairhope

2. Coffee Shop


Coffee shops are a favorite work location for many solopreneurs. They provide a place to work with fewer distractions than a home office. It’s also common to find coffee shops with interesting decor and a comfortable vibe that is fun to work with for a photoshoot.

3. Pool or Beach

A pool or a beach is an awesome photoshoot location, especially for the owners of women-owned businesses. A beach particularly is like a blank canvas and these locations can be surprisingly versatile.

Go for fun and flirty with vibrant colors, peaceful and pretty with soft pastels, or glam it up by lounging poolside with a tropical cocktail in hand.focus-creative-alex-denning-model-birmingham-alabama.jpg

4. Studio

Has an artist hired you to be their brand photographer? Why not conduct the shoot in their studio? This can be so much fun, showcasing pieces of their art as well as capturing them hard at work on their next masterpiece.


5. Prominent Area in Your Town

If the brand is a local one, shooting in a prominent area of your town is a great way to signal this fact. Locals will immediately recognize the location and connect with the image.


6. Rented Location Like Airbnb

Maybe your client’s office is not really picture-worthy or you need a specific atmosphere for your personal brand photoshoot. Renting a location can be a great way to get exactly what you want.

Browse Airbnb for spaces that fit the aesthetic you’re looking for. Be sure to think about lighting as you scout locations.

Homzie_SEP19_194 (1).jpg

7. Garden or Park

Shooting a business owner outdoors in a garden or park is a fantastic idea. Depending on the time of year you’ll have colorful blooms, vivid summer vibes, or fall oranges and yellows to work with — all gorgeous backdrops.

Though this is a great location for many brands, it works well with natural, ecological brands seeking to promote proper stewardship of the earth, sustainability, etc.


8. Rooftop or Parking Garage Overlooking City

Bring on the power poses! The world is your client’s oyster and you want to display their eagerness to explore it. Images from a high point overlooking the city show confidence and inner strength.

It’s also a great way to showcase a city lover in their natural habitat. Strolling through the streets can feel a little awkward for some, but this picturesque location embodies the city without being in the hubbub.


9. Hotel

Looking for some glamour? A fancy hotel is an awesome location for a glitzy shoot. However, it can also offer a down-to-earth atmosphere depending on the hotel you choose and how you style your client.

Have the business owner dress to the nines to show off elegance for luxury brands. Or they can wear a fun, flirty summer outfit for tropical vacation vibes.

Be sure to get permission to shoot at the hotel and be aware that there may be a fee or limited availability for using certain rooms (particularly the more glamorous ones).


10. Restaurant

Restaurants are generally slow in the afternoons from about 2 – 4, which is a great window of opportunity for you. Restaurants often have interesting decor that is usually tied to the type of food they offer.

Get to know the restaurants in your area. You’ll find a wide variety of looks and feels that you can use for different vibes in your personal branding photoshoots.

Again, be sure to get permission to conduct your photoshoot. Many restaurants are happy to allow you to shoot in return for a tag in your photos on social media.


Get Creative and Have Fun!

Being a brand photographer is so much fun! You get to be more creative with your shoots as you strive to create images that represent the specific look or feel your client wants to convey. The fun challenge is when they themselves don’t know exactly what they want and it becomes your job to make their unformed dream a reality!

As always, Focus Creative is here to support you in your endeavors as a commercial photographer.

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