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How to Find the Right Location for Your Next Brand Photoshoot

Captured at , Alabama on 2 01, 2021 by Kassady Gibson, Focus Creative Group LLC

How do you create a photo that truly represents your brand?

By strategically planning every detail of your images — right down to the photoshoot location. The right location sets the whole tone for the photograph. For example, you wouldn’t take pictures indoors for a sunglasses brand, the beach would be a perfect fit instead.

But the location for every product is not so clear-cut. So, how do you find the right location? Let me explain.

How to Scout Locations

Location scouting is the process of finding ideal places for your personal branding sessions or those of your clients if you’re a brand photographer. I typically scout locations a few times a year to keep my ideas current.

Before you begin scouting locations, you first need an idea of what you’re looking for. Here are the basics you’ll need to pick a fitting location.

1) Start with the Company’s Brand Colors

Let the colors guide you as you are thinking about locations. If the brand uses pretty pastels, it won’t do to shoot in a location where the decor follows a bold black and white scheme.

2) Determine the Look & Feel You’re Wanting to Achieve with the Photos

The look and feel of the photograph have a big impact on the final image. People won’t be examining every detail of your image, you want them to know at a glance what your photograph represents.

For example, if you want something bright and optimistic, you’ll want to photograph in an ice cream parlor or somewhere with a similar theme. If you want something more bold and imposing, you might choose a study with dark decor and handsome mahogany furniture.

3) Understand How the Photos Will Be Used

The last thing to consider is how the images will be used. Are they going on the website or social media? Or will they be plastered on a giant billboard?

The location may not be as important for small photographs since tight crops on your subject will cut out most of it. However, a magazine spread or billboard may give you the opportunity to showcase more of a location that supports your branding image.

Also, keep in mind the use as you plan your compositions. Instagram squares will require a different crop than long Pinterest images and may affect the location you choose.

Where to Look for Locations

Once you have a general vibe in mind, it’s time to find it. But where should you look?

On the Internet. Where else? Browse sites like AirBnb or Home Studio List to find places to rent. Good listings will have plenty of photos that will indicate whether they have the vibe you want. I also post on my social feeds to see if there are people willing to let us rent their homes.

Just from browsing photos online, I can usually get a good idea of how a location will work for me. Here’s what I look for:

●     Clean, simple walls

●     Brand colors and feel that are in line with the shoot’s art direction

●     Various rooms and unique areas to give the shoot more variety

●     And of course great lighting

A Few Tips When Location Scouting

Make a list of possibles from your Internet scouting. When you visit the location in person, keep these tips in mind to make the most of your trip.

●     Go during the time of day you’ll do the shoot to determine lighting needs

●     See what props they already have on hand that might be useful during your photoshoot

●     See if you will need to bring extra furniture

The Perfect Location for Your Images

And that’s it! Did you think it would be more difficult? Branding shoots can be a lot of work, but they are so much fun and it’s so exciting to watch all the elements come together.

As always, I’m here to help support you in your quest as a commercial brand photographer. Learn more today about how Focus Creative can help you!

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