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Finding Your Unique Photography Style

I was listening to the Creative Exponent podcast today, where they were interviewing Jena Holliday from a Spoonful of Faith about your voice… Talk about an amazing person!

Something Shanna – one of the hosts – said really hit me. She heard a quote from someone about us “trusting what comes out of our hands.”

What a beautiful reminder. 💗

Get the full episode here:

Your voice, your look, your photography style comes from YOU creating and finding what truly speaks to you.

It’s so easy to copy what others are doing or to follow the latest trend, but the magic really starts to happen when you step out into who you are and create what was meant for you.

Whether you’re a brand photographer or family photographer, finding your own unique style will help you stand out from the crowd and authentically show up as you.

Here are a few things you can do to find your photography style:

Turn Off Things That Influence You

It’s okay to walk away from Pinterest and Instagram if you need to.

If you’re constantly looking to others for inspiration, that’s where comparison comes in. It’s easy to fall into the trap of “my work isn’t good enough”, “I need to start doing that too”, and so many other distractions that keep you from finding your unique style and way of doing things.

Stop Copying & Using Templates

It’s so easy to fall into the habit of using others’ voice for your inspiration or using those templates and other crutches that are intended to make social media easier.

Someone needs your voice.

Someone needs your work.

Dig deep and start creating what feels authentic to you — even if it takes some time for it to all come together.

Do the Work

Take the time and find yourself. The more projects you do, the closer you will get to finding your unique style of photography. You’ll start to see what speaks to you and to your ideal customer. Over time, you’ll see commonalities across your work and then you can assess what you love and narrow down your focus from there.

Remember What Brings You Joy

I know when I first started out in photography, there were certain things that brought be pure joy. Remembering what those things are (or figuring them out if you’re just starting out) can really help you hone in on the type of photography you want to share with the world.

Jena said it best on the podcast … “Trust your own creative instinct.”

Jena Holliday, Spoonful of Faith

I hope these tips will help you find your unique style and voice, so you can start sharing your photography with others!


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