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Balancing school and a photography business during a pandemic


Hey there, photographers who are parents. Here we go again with school and balancing our business. For us, we are doing virtual school and trying to make the most of it. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE having all this time to slow down and be with my family, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried about how I’m going to juggle my business, groceries, laundry, and now being a part-time teacher.

I’m not sure if you saw the Holderness video when she was talking about all the emotions she was feeling about whether or not she should send the kids to school or not. That was me, and I was 100% in the shut down mode. I want them to go back to school more than anything so they can meet friends and enjoy being a kid. With the thought of school being in and out continuously over the year, it was too much for us to go ahead and send them – so we’ve opted for virtual school until things get a little more figured out.

So today, I’m choosing to soak in this precious time with my kids being home. I’m choosing to look at it as a gift, because if life kept on trucking along like it was before this pandemic hit, then I don’t know if I ever would have gotten a chance to spend this much quality family time together.

I by no means have it all figured out, but here are a few things that I’m doing to help balance everything. I hope at least one of them helps you too.


Meal Delivery

We’ve never done a meal delivery program before, but my sister kept raving about Home Chef so I figured I would give it a try. One meal in and I was hooked! It makes everything so much easier, and it makes me feel like I’m winning at mom life for at least 30 minutes of the day. (I’ll take any win I can get.)


I have desperately been craving routine! Long gone are the days when the kids got on the bus at 6:45 and from 6:50 – 2:45 every day, the day was mine. It was quiet. I had a system that worked for me. And…if you’re a regular at working from home, you know that’s no easy feat. I found a routine that worked where I could (for the most part) keep work and home separate. When the kids came home in March, my peaceful workday gone turned upside down.

About a month ago, I started setting reminders throughout the day as milestones. It helps frame the day and make sure I’m taking care of myself as well as most of the things that need to get done each day.

Enjoy the Time

I feel like I’ve connected more with my family and friends during all of this than ever before. If you’re reading this, I hope you have as well. This time to slow down has reminded me what life was like when I was little. I remember sitting on the porch with my Granny where we would just listen to crickets, shell peas, or listen to all the grownups talking about their day. I’ve spent more one on one time with my mom, sister, husband, kids, close friends and connected with them. Actually slowed down enough to talk to them. Really talk.

So for now, I’ll enjoy sharing my desk with my munchkins and soak in every second of this curveball we’ve been thrown. And one of these days I’m going to figure out that ideal schedule that works, but for now, I’ll just keep doing the best I can and hope others will show me the grace I’m showing towards others. We all just want the best in life. Sometimes our bests don’t all line up the same way, but if we are all looking out for each other and showing kindness towards other, it will help make this shift a little easier on us all.


One of my favorite things I’ve experienced while on this virtual school journey is seeing them figure things out. Today’s big win was figuring out how to get the mousepad to cooperate. Her little smile was priceless.


Mine are so ready to learn. They are like little sponges. So for now, I’m going to do my best to soak in this time and pray that I have enough patience and energy to guide us through this season.


You’ve got this parents! Hang in there, and don’t forget to take time for yourself – even if that means hiding in the car.


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